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I haven't written on Kolby's blog for quite awhile. I just love it when John writes on her blog. He always does such a great job. I have been waiting for all of the pictures from the Talent Show to put together and load up onto Kolby's blog, and I just haven't had the time to sit down and put together a slide show yet. It was such a wonderful evening . We cannot express enough appreciation to all the students from Silverado High School who spent hours and hours putting this exciting event together in honor of Kolby. All of the talent was wonderful.....we did not want it to end. It was such a fun night, and so many people were there to support and show Kolby their love and friendship. Thank you all who attended and participated! We are so lucky, fortunate and blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Even though Kolby is ending her treatment, she still needs her friends and family and all the support they so lovingly give her. We forget sometimes that Kolb…

Keeping Kolby Benefit Talent Show!

Hi...this is Kolby. My high school is having a Keeping Kolby Benefit Talent Show for me on March 17th @ 6:30 to 9:30 p.m..@ Silverado High School theater located at 1650 Silver Hawk Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89123.
This is the shirt they are selling to promote the event! They are $10 and the week of March 7-11, you can receive a free ticket for admission with the purchase of a shirt! (: After that, the tickets and shirts will go on sale separately- $10 for the shirts and $3 for the ticket. If you would like to buy one and come to the talent show I would appreciate it so much. It is going to be so much fun and there is going to be so much amazing talent. I am so thankful for everyone who is participating and working so hard to make this happen. Thank you....Thank you.....Thank you! ♥
If you would like to purchase a shirt and/or a ticket please contact Miranda Groh @ 702 592 2453 or Erin Rochetto @ 702 556 7536. THANK YOU!!!

"Be The Match" Donor Update

In the mail yesterday I received this letter...

I really wish I knew the whole story behind this little boys fight with cancer. I wish that there was some way that I could have helped him in that fight. I wonder what happened to him and his family. I hope it turned out good.

I would have been eager and excited at the opportunity to give of myself and help someone in need…because I think it is the right thing to do…if you can donate. But more importantly for us…to give back in any small way, especially because…of all the support we have received from others who stepped in and offered help when we needed it. Maybe one day I could be somebody's hero!

"4" More 21-Day Chemo Cycles Left!

Okay…okay!!! So it has been a little while since we posted on Kolby’s blog. But don’t they say that; “no news” is usually considered to be “good news”? Well besides the usual side effects with the chemotherapy…the good news is…that lately Kolby has been doing pretty well. The worst side effect now is from the shot of Neulasta that she gets the week following her chemotherapy injections, because it causes some deep bone pain. It is prescribed to reduce the risk of infection in cancer patients who are receiving strong chemotherapy (which unfortunately decreases the number of infection-fighting white blood cells). When she has her “Neulasta” shot, she ends up missing a few days of school here and there, but for the most part she has felt amazingly good. On this past Thursday, she underwent her next chemotherapy treatment and a new 21 day cycle filled with pills, shots, blood work, and doctor’s appointments. (YAAAY!!)

If you happened to notice the big smile on her face in the picture ab…