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Well...just when we thought we were getting close to the finish line...we had an unfortunate setback today. Last night Kolby had a terrible cough all night long and she got very little sleep. Today she spiked a fever of 100.8 degrees. Both of those things combined usually mean you have a cold. But with cancer patients, it typically means something more dangerous could be going on. We placed a call to Dr. Rashid to find out what she thought since it was the weekend and her office was closed. Dr. Rashid felt that those signs were significant enough that we needed to admit Kolby to the E.R. right away. (Is it just us or do other peoples kids get super sick or need urgent care only at night or on weekends when the doctor’s office is closed?!)

We (Jeff and I) gave Kolby a Priesthood Blessing and then raced her over to the Emergency Room. We got there at 5:00, and after blood work and chest x-rays, the diagnosis came back that she has Pneumonia. With Kolby’s weakened immune system, that is …
I took Kolby to the doctors today. Everything was great. We were a little worried because Kolby said that she had felt a lump in her left arm pit. Yep....we were freaked out. The doctor said it was nothing for us to worry about. Whew!!! I think we are always going to worry about Kolby.
After this last chemo treatment Kolby hasn't felt very good. She is slowly but surely starting to feel better. She is just relaxing this Spring Break. She has rested and slept alot. We did go see the movie Soul Surfer. She loved it! Very inspiring and makes you really appreciate what you have even if you have challenges. Kolby sure has had enough of her challenges, but when you see someone else going through a tough time, it just reconfirms how important it is to count your blessings and to be thankful for everything that we have, even our challenges.

Chemo tomorrow....

Well, Kolby has her 2nd to last chemo treatment tomorrow. She is actually excited about getting her chemo, because then after this one, she only has one more left! (These are her exact words!!!) She also tells me that she is feeling, "tired as heck!!!" She is too, as soon as she comes home, she goes straight to the couch and zonks out! Sometimes she is so tied that we cannot get her to move and go to her bedroom. She is so funny, she says that common phrase, "just five more minutes!" over and over again, until John and I just give up and let her sleep in the family room. Oh and then in the morning, she thinks that John is her alarm clock. Bless his heart, he literally wakes her up 5 times before she gets in the shower. It's actually pretty comical. We would have never allowed this from Kristi and Kylie. But you know how it is with the youngest, and then especially with everything she has gone through this past year....John would do anything for her. Kolby is do…
I just caught Kolby updating her sticker chart. I cannot believe that it is almost filled in. She is so excited, and she is in such a good mood. Her spirits are high and she is feeling fantastic. She only has two more chemo treatments left, and seven more weeks of weekly doctor appointments. Kolby hasn't been missing as much school, and life for her seems to be slowly but surely going back to normal. There are even days that we do not talk about "cancer"! She is busy right now coaching Powderpuff Cheer. She has been a busy busy girl. I just love seeing Kolby so active and wanting to do more and more. Woo-Hoo!