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Schofield "Flying Tigers"

Today turned out to be a pretty AMAZING day. You wouldn’t have guessed it by how the day started out though. Last night Kolby went to bed exhausted as usual. Yet she seems to bounce back each morning as she wakes for a new day. Today there was no bounce back. Her body said enough is enough and she went into shut-down mode. Nothing serious…but exhaustion from trying to keep up with her normal daily activities took their toll. She couldn’t wake up this morning and slept straight through for thirteen hours. Unfortunately she missed school and woke up barely in enough time to attend what turned out to be one of the most touching and memorable events she has ever experienced in her life.

Today a couple of really kindhearted and wonderful middle school teachers from Schofield Middle School…where Kolby attended…put together an incredible fundraising event, on behalf of Kolby. Both Mrs. Wick & Mrs. Edwards heard about Kolbys battle with cancer and as Kolbys former teachers they wanted to h…
Kolby had another doctor's appointment today. Her numbers were up and she is doing just fine. She is keeping up with her busy schedule and then she comes home and crashes! Lots of going and lots of sleeping. She is managing well and we are just so very thankful that she is feeling well enough to do the things she wants to do.

When Kolby was in the hospital there was this young boy (George) that she met and saw everyday. He was the cutest little boy. He was actually 5 years old but because of his illness we thought at first that he was only 3 years old. He was the funniest little boy. He would sit at the edge of his bed and watch Sponge Bob every day. We would walk by his room and try to wave at him...but Sponge Bob was too important for him to even glance away and wave. He would crack us up. He also would go for walks in the hospital hall way and pull along his IV and he would wave to everyone. He also loved riding around in his wagon. Just looking at him made you smi…
Kolby had a great weekend. She is feeling really good and her attitude is positive! We love these days. She even went to church today and attended all three meetings.

After church the Stake Young Women's Presidency came over and delivered the scrap book they made for her with letters that other Young Women wrote to her while they were attending Girls Camp. Kolby wasn't able to attend this year due to her illness and treatments. The scrapbook
is absolutely darling. It has pictures in it and lots of heartfelt letters to Kolby. Kolby loved it. Kolby is so blessed to have so many friends and people who care about her. We are so thankful for all of the girls and leaders who took the time to write Kolby a letter. She will treasure
this book forever. Thank you!

Well Kolby has another busy week ahead of her. She has a jewelry party that is being thrown for her in her behalf, lots of Student Counsel activities, including the Homecoming Assembly where they will announce the winners. Kolby w…
Kolby had another great week at school. Honestly, I was surprised she went today. She had a difficult time waking up and she told me that she hardly had any energy. She said she would try and go and call either her dad or I if she needed to be picked up. But she was a trooper and ended up staying all day.

Kolby went to the doctors on Wednesday and everything went great. Her numbers were up and everything is on schedule. Kolby also has to have another PET Scan, CT Scan on her body, and an EKG and an EEG scan on her heart to make sure the chemo hasn't damaged it. We always look forward to the results hoping that her tumors are still shrinking and that there are no more new "spots".

It is always a scary thing. Kolby and I have been following another blog "Sweet and Sassy." This is a blog about a girl who lives in Utah and has cancer too. She was also a cheer leader and such a darling girl. She too was doing so good and looking so good, and then all of a …
Kolby just finished her last pills for this chemo treatment! Yay Kolby!!! You survived another round of chemo and all those pills. You sure are a trooper. Your family is so proud of you and your positive attitude. Going back to school on Monday shows your dedication to school and your responsibilities. You so could stay home and take advantage of the fact that you have cancer, but no, you get up each morning at 4:15 a.m., go to seminary with your dad at 5:15, then school and come home, sleep for a few hours, and then get up again and do homework for a few hours. We never have to tell you to do just do it. Your amazing Kolby.

The last few days have been difficult because our sweet 10 year old dog, Kosmo, has developed serious health problems and is in a lot of pain. The girls have been discussing the fact that we may have to put him down. Kolby's sisters were telling me that it wasn't good to let him be in pain, and that we needed to really consider putting him d…
Well Kolby is back to taking all the meds that she dreads. The chemo is bad enough...but taking all these meds three times a day is just horrible. She downs her meds with chocolate milk. And, really she doesn't complain that much anymore....she is used to it. But it is just such a pain. I really feel like I am in a complaining mood today. Kolby isn't feeling as well as we would like, and she isn't in that good of a mood either. I guess it's better that all us girls are in a bad mood all together and to get it over with in one day, right? When Kolby went to the doctors one of her doctors asked if she wouldn't mind being photographed with him. She said sure. The Review Journal was there writing a story on Dr. Kline, one of the doctors and they needed a picture of him. So, she took the pic with him and we thought that was pretty cool. Fortunately I was able to take a couple days off of work and the whole family is home this weekend to spend time togethe…

Chemo Day!

Today Kolby had chemo. So good. She wanted a bagel on the way home since she has to fast until the procedures are over. Her appointment went great. Her nurses and doctors are so nice and going to the doctors is always a pleasant experience, thanks to them!

Kolby is feeling good these last couple days. She does get very very tired, especially after school. She loves going to school, and she was even nominated for the Sophomore Homecoming Dutchess.

I asked the doctor today when her next scan is and she said it will be the first of October. I look forward to her scans to see the progress, but then I also get nervous. I just hope and pray the cancer is still shrinking and disappearing, and that there will be no more new spots.

I am so proud of Kolby and her desire to go to school and to continue to live life to the fullest. She knows her limits and she is very responsible with her health. She knows when she has had enough and she knows when to slow down. She wakes up each morning at…
I haven't written on Kolby's blog lately because I wanted to leave up the Bone Marrow Drive information. I have talked to many people who are still surprised to find out that all they have to do is put 4 swabs into their mouth one at a time and swirl them around on the inside of their cheeks. That's it. Then, if your tissue is a match, the registry calls and requests that the donor comes in a gets their finger pricked to make sure they are a match. If found to be a bone marrow match, the process of donating your marrow is as simple as donating your blood. It used to be that bone marrow donating was an operation, and could be quite painful. This whole experience with Kolby has been quite an educational experience. There are so many children and adults waiting for bone marrow transplants. And now that I know how easy the process is I am willing and hoping to help someone in need, especially if Kolby needs a transplant. The Bone Marrow Drive was a success, and Krist…
Be the One – To Save a Life!
Sept 10th & 11th - Galleria Mall Front of Kohls & Gap 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Let me know if there is anything I can do” has been one of the most kind and thoughtful statements that we have heard from family, friends and acquaintances. You will never know how much that means to us because we truly believe that there are people out there who really mean that…and if asked to do something significant for our daughter, like being a bone marrow donor…they would not even give it a second thought. As many of you know we are still not “out of the woods” with Kolby’s treatment and she may still need a bone marrow transplant before her treatment ends. There is also a chance that when her cancer does go into remission, and if by chance it returns in the future...then her rescue treatment would definitely include a bone marrow transplant. 36 children a day are diagnosed with cancer. This weekend is an opportunity for those who are willing and healthy to become a hero …

Family Day and Feeling Good!

Sunday was my nephew's (Bentley) blessing day.
It was so nice getting together with family for this
special day. After sacrament we all went over to
the Burr's house for lunch. It was really nice.

I have been feeling really good this last week.
I survived my first week of school. At first I was
thinking about taking my academics on line,
but now that the first week is over, I am feeling
much better.

I went to the doctors and my numbers were high.
For now I am going to go to school full time, and
take one day at a time. Each day I had a hall
monitor yell at me to take off my cap. I just told
them that I had a 504 plan and then they said
they were sorry. It is nice to be back at school
and see all my friends.


(It's Taralee again with Keeping Kolby Auctions :))

We are coming to the end of the donations we've received which means that shortly we will be done with this series of auctions.

Everyone has been so generous and given so many wonderful things! Thank you to all!!!

If you would like to donate anything, please email with the information about your donation. (Click HERE to see what information I need.) We will do these auctions as long as we have donations to post!

Please email me any last minute donations by: NEXT TUESDAY (Sept. 7) at NOON.I will need time to get the information put together to have posted in the 5th auction.

If we receive enough donations, there will be more than 5 auctions, so stay tuned! :)

Count Down!

In this pic Kolby, Kylie and John were looking over Kolby's chemo schedule for the next 9 months. They made a daily count down sticker chart for how many more days Kolby has left of treatment. So each day, Kolby will put a sticker down conquering another day of cancer, and one less day of meds and chemo.
Here is the chart. Wow...looking at this chart it seems like she has a long long way to go. But it will be exciting to count down and watch the chart fill up. The last couple days Kolby has done pretty good. She is thinking about going to seminary in the mornings, then come home and complete her academic classes online and head back to school for lunch and her electives. She is still deciding, but John has informed me that this is what she is thinking about doing. (I am the parent that pushes Kolby, and John babies her a little were a great balance, but John and Kolby always win! :o) She told me that a teacher in the hall stopped her and told her that no hats were allowe…