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Another Round Of Chemo

Kolby had another doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Her numbers were a little low but she was still able to receive her chemo treatment. Kolby is doing pretty good. It's always difficult for her to take all the pills for 5 days following the chemo treatment, but she is a trooper. I used to have to make Kolby take her pills, but now she gets up and takes them herself. She takes over 30 pills in one day. It sure is nice that Kolby does this all by her self. I admit, it takes away the stress. She is pretty tired today and she doesn't have much energy. So she is snuggled up on the couch, wrapped in her robe and watching tv today.

Church with Bentley

Today was another great day for Kolby. She went
to church today and we brought Bentley, Kolby's
nephew. She just loves Bentley, and she held him
most of the time during the meetings. We are
just so happy that Kolby is feeling so well these
days. She has chemo again on Wednesday, and
we hope she can enjoy the rest of her winter break.

12 Days of Christmas

I had a really good Christmas. It's weird when I think back at the last six months of having cancer, going to the doctors, chemo, scans, and sickness, and I can't help but to think of how thankful I am for everyone who has helped me through this trial. For Christmas, someone has dropped some kind of treat or present at my door for the 12 days of Christmas. It was so much fun. I loved each and every gift. I do not know why I deserve all of this attention, but just so everyone knows, it really helps me, especially when I am feeling down. I know that everyone loves and cares about me, even to the point of buying me presents and giving them to me and giving them to me anonymously. I am so thankful and I appreciate everything. I know I am still in loved ones prayers and even prayers of people I do not know and I thank you. I receive so much strength from everyone, and I want you to know, that you have made this journey of cancer much easier because of you. The best part of Christma…


Kolby at her favorite place in Disneyland.....the castle!

After a while Kolby's legs got really tired.
She shared the stroller with Bentley. One of
the workers told Kolby she was too big for
the stroller...but Jeff set them straight by telling
them she had cancer. He shut them right up! We tried
to get her an electrical wheelchair but she had to be
18 to ride it. She was too embarrassed to get a
wheelchair. She she walked as much as she could.

The Family in front of Disneyland. Jeff, Kylie and Bentley Burr (Sister, Bro. in law, & nephew) Kolby, Kristi (her sister) and the Mom and Dad!
Kolby couldn't believe that her folks had to use this type of phone when they were a teenager...instead of cell phones!

Kolby after riding Soaring Over California! Her dad's favorite ride.
Kolby's future job.....especially the way this economy is going! Kolby is having a great time at Disneyland despite the rain!
Here's a pic of Kolby and Kristi at Disneyland. Kolby's dad promised her in the hospital that as soon as she was well enough, and with the permission of her doctors, he would take her to Disneyland. We are so thankful for the 4 free hopper passes given to her to Disneyland for three days, so we totally took advantage of it, and took of to Disneyland for the holidays. Even though it is raining cats and dogs, we are still having fun. We are so blessed that Kolby is well enough to leave town for a few days and have some fun! She can hardly wait to go back tomorrow!!!

Having Kolby feeling fantastic these days is absolutely wonderful! We are so happy. It is such a relief to have our daughter feeling normal with no side effects of having cancer. She looks and acts like a normal teenager. But at night when she takes off her cute hat and hair, we remember that she has cancer. Her hair is starting to grow back. It is coming in so dark too. Kolby's attitude is so positi…
Kolby has had a busy week. She baked with her sisters and helped me make homemade strawberry jam. Kolby loves to bake. She just loves the holidays and everything about it. We can only listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies. Her favorite movie is Elf.
Kolby told John and I that she was really happy because after her chemo treatment she hardly felt any side effects. Except fatigue. She had chemo a week ago. She went to the doctors yesterday and all her numbers were good. She is doing really well. She was told that she was going to have another round of body scans in here we go again...a little nervous and excited to hear the results. We are just so lucky and blessed to have Kolby feeling and doing so well, especially during the holidays.

I took Kolby to the mall today to get a few things for Christmas. She wanted Panda Express for dinner. She told me that she is always hungry and she cannot eat enough. (Kolby has always had a small appetite, especia…


In the magazine 89123 there was an article published that featured the Silverado High School Student Council and all they do to give back to their community. We were pretty excited to see Kolby in the picture. (The only one wearing a hat! :o) Kolby loves being on the Student Council, especially since she was unable to try out for cheer again. She also made the dance team, but she had to drop out due to her condition. So, Student Council filled the gap, and the association of all her friends on the council sure has been a huge support to Kolby this year. She may not be able to attend all the meetings and activities, but her heart is there, right along with all her student council friends. They are an amazing group of kids, and we thank them very much for their love and support that they give to Kolby!

Kolby had her chemo treatment today. So far so good (well, its only been a few hours) but she requested pizza for dinner tonight. So Kylie and Jeff took her to Little Caesar's Pizza …

Adventurous Week!

Dylan, Kolby and Cody hanging out!

Fun times with Dylan, Kolby and Cody!

Elf front yard decorations that Kolby and her family painted.

Kolby has had an adventurous week. We finally finished painting all of the front yard characters of Elf for Christmas. Kolby and the family worked every night for hours. Over the weekend she hung out with Gabby and had a great time. Cody and Dylan also came over and hung out with Kolby Saturday evening. She just loves it when they come over and hang out with her. Kolby said she felt like a normal teenager all week. She wasn't sick at all and she had a fun week. Here are a few pics of Kolby's adventurous week. Kolby has another chemo treatment tomorrow. This new chemo hasn't been that bad on her little body. Her recovery seems to be quicker. Kolby sure has been blessed. She is doing so well and is able to live a pretty normal life. Except for getting tired. But if that's the worse side effect, then that isn't too bad. We are so hap…