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Consultation Appointment.

Well, here I am at the doctor's office having a consultation appointment to have my port removed. My port is where my chemo was administered. I am having it removed! Yay!!! I am having my port removed on August 3rd! I can't wait. This port has been with me for over a year, and I will not miss it one bit. I still have to have my blood drawn once a month and they will just have to draw my blood the old fashion way (through my arm). I also have to have scans every three months for the next 5 years to make sure that I stay cancer free. But parting with my port is a good thing. I will be able to do anything I want now. I wanted to have my port removed before I go on my Make a Wish Cruise this month. Even though I do not look forward to the surgery....I am so thankful that I can say goodbye to my port!

Yay...I got to attend girls camp this year!

This year our ward had Ward Camp. So we went to Provo, Utah and stayed in one of our leaders condos. It may not sound like camping....and we didn't sleep in tents, but everything that we did was amazing, and we couldn't have experienced what we did if we were camping out somewhere in the wilderness. We felt the spirit so strong everyday several times. It was an amazing girls camp, and one that I will never ever forget.

Here I am climbing Mount Timpanogos. It was a pretty strenuous 3 mile hike up to the caves. It was breathtaking, hard, and worth the climb. I did it! (Oops, I forgot to change the date on my bad!)
Here we are, we had just climbed Ensign Point.

The Warm Springs Ward Girls at Temple Square.

"This is the Place" where Brigham Young told the saints where the Lord wanted them to settle and build the Salt Lake Temple. Ensign Peak.

Just about to go down the Provo River with my bestie cousin Drew.

Warm Springs Ward girls and leaders about to go on an…

An Amazing 4th of July with my family!

Jeff, Bentley, Kylie, Dad, Kristi, Me, and My Mom.

My sisters and I!

The Whole Fam Damily! (Mannions, Thorntons, Burrs, and Cramptons)

I am so glad to be here for another 4th of July! Last year I was so sick, and this year I am feeling great. My family and I went to the Las Vegas Country Club (thanks gramps!) for a BBQ and a great firework show. Here I am with my amazing family celebrating another great and healthy year!