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Kolby's Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

Kolby had a wonderful birthday! She was feeling great and you would never know that she was undergoing chemo and battling cancer. We had her party at the Haycock's house. It was so much fun. The Haycock's decorated and were so kind and generous to let us celebrate her birthday in their home. It was so much fun, and Kolby had a blast!!! Over a hundred friends showed up. Everyone ate pizza, listened to music and socialized all evening. Water pong was a big hit too. It was a great tribute to Kolby and everyone made her feel so loved. Thank you everyone for coming and for being so kind to our Kolbsters. Your friendship means so much to Kolby. It was the best birthday ever!!!!

For the first time in a while Kolby had a bad night last night. She was so sick. She couldn't keep anything down. She stayed home from school and slept most of the day. Kolby also went to the doctors today and her numbers were good. She is feeling much better tonight.

Very Eventful Week....

Kolby officially turned 16 on the 9th. She had a great birthday. Friends at school spoiled her and made her feel so loved. She gets to take her driving test on the 10th, and she hopes she passes.
Kolby's 16th birthday dinner at the Olive Garden (her favorite restaurant) with her whole family. She loved every minute of it. She got chemo the day before her the food didn't taste as good. But she had a nice time.
Here is Kolby with her cousin Drew, and her friend Dillon, along with her Dad, Kylie, and Bentley (and me taking the pic) at a Wrangler's Hockey game. She had a ton of fun....even though the Wranglers lost.
Kolby had another round of chemo this week. She is doing very well too. She still hates taking all the meds, especially the evening ones. She gets sick, and so she waits till the last minute, takes them, and then goes right to bed. Other than feeling extra tired and not much energy, she is feeling great. Kolby also passed her driving test! She is so …

Keeping Kolby Talent Show!!!

Silverado High School Student Council is putting together a "Keeping Kolby Talent Show" on March 17th. A meeting for the auditions for the Talent Show will be held tomorrow, Feb. 10th, after school in room 402. Tickets for the Talent Show will be sold for $3.00 per person. And, "Cancer Sucks" T-shirts will be sold for $10.00 also. T-shirts will be available to purchase coming soon. If you have any questions call either Becca Mohler @ 702-809-1877 or Erin Rochetto @ 702-556-7536.
Thank you so much for all your support in Keeping Kolby!!!


Friday, February 4TH, 2011, John (Kolby's dad) planned a whole evening full of surprises for Kolby and her dear friends. He wanted to plan an extra special and fun evening for Kolby to start off her 16th birthday. It's really hard to surprise Kolby....and John successfully pulled it off. It began with a surprise dinner at the Olive Garden with her friends, Cody, Mariah, Taylor, Dillon, Kolby, Lexi, Becca and Gabby. Kylie, Jeff, Bentley, John and I were there too. When John brought Kolby to the restaurant, the expression on Kolby's face was priceless. I couldn't believe that we actually pulled off the surprise. Kolby kind of wanted a surprise party, and I basically told her that it would be too hard to pull it off because I really needed her to help me plan it. (Hee-Hee!!!) Then right after dinner, John told the gang that he had an additional activity for them. No one but Dillon and Cody knew what was going on. He took the kids out into the parking lot, walked t…