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First Day Of School!

Well......Kolby went to school today for the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer. It has been almost 4 months. She did pretty good. She said all her friends were so excited to see her and her teachers were really really nice to her, especially her dance teacher. She made the dance team but she had to drop out because of her condition. But the dance teacher said that Kolby could be her aide and Kolby was thrilled with that idea. I kept texting Kolby all day to find out how she was doing. She kept texting me back saying that she was good. I was so glad because I had to go back to work teaching. I admit, it is kind of selfish of me wanting Kolby to want to go back to school, so I was happy when she decided to go back. I was glad because if she is gone at school I will not feel so guilty working. I sure wish I could just stay home with her and take care of her. It's bitter sweet having Kolby return to school. I can take time off to take care of her, and I plan on doing that…

Feeling Much Better!

Kolby had a great day today. She was able to go to church for her cousins blessing and over for the brunch. She is feeling good mentally and physically. Hopefully the worse of the side effects of the chemo is over. She starts school tomorrow. She told me she is looking forward to the social part but not the work. She also informed me today that her eyelashes are growing that means I do not have to wake up extra early to help her with the "falsies"! I will still get up and make sure she has a yummy breakfast before she leaves in the mornings. I sure hope Kolby can handle a full day of school. Good luck tomorrow Kolby....I will miss you!

Feeling "Down" These Past Few Days!

Kolby has been in my bed for the last few days. She hasn't felt that well and her energy level is pretty low so she hasn't done much of anything lately. It makes me feel bad because she plans on doing things (like going to student council) and then she just can't. When John took her to her doctor's appointment her blood work was pretty low. The oxygen level in her blood was pretty low too and that is why she doesn't have the energy to do a lot of things. She has been pretty quiet and emotional. She is back on all the meds after her chemo treatment....and she really dreads these days. Once again on this roller coaster of a ride Kolby is "down" right now...and we are looking forward to the "up" days! Love you Kolby!

Another Round of Chemo!

Last night was probably one of Kolby's worst nights in a long time. She was miserable and in a lot of pain. Sometimes Kolby gets fed up with all the meds she takes, and yesterday was one of them. She didn't take her pain meds and she paid for it last night. I did everything I could for her from foot massages, back tickling, hands, shoulders and arms rubbed, and nothing helped. In fact, she said it stung when I touched her. She took a nice hot bath around 12:30 in the morning. When she came out I had fallen asleep. So she watched a movie, and when it was over she woke me up in tears. I suggested another bath, and she decided to take another one. This time I stayed awake. I kept going in and checking on her. She was in there for about an hour and a half. Finally, around 4:30 a.m. she fell fast asleep. I felt so bad for her. It was a difficult long night, and I was glad when she finally fell asleep. Kolby slept in till noon, got up and went for her chemo treatme…


Today I dropped Kolby and Becca off at their school for Student Council. I cannot express the feelings that I felt when I saw Kolby and Becca walking up to the building. It was such a grateful and happy feeling to see Kolby well enough mentally and physically to attend and participate in her school activities. I am just so thankful that Kolby is at a point in her treatments where she feels normal and happy. It is such a relief. I always took my children's health for granted and now I am just so thankful when Kolby feels good. I changed her chemo treatment till Thursday because Kolby wants to attend another Student Council activity tomorrow. Wednesday was full, so Thursday is "Devil Juice" day. (By the way....Kolby does not remember saying the "devil's juice" comment. It's pretty funny what the kids say while they are falling asleep.) I happen to think the name is very appropriate! Kolby does has a pretty funny sense of humor even when she doe…

Feeling Good!

Kolby had a really nice weekend. She was feeling good and she even went to church for a little while. The only side effects from her illness that she deals with on an everyday basis is the pain mostly in her legs. Other than that, her weekend was wonderful. Chemo in two more days. So, we will enjoy these next couple days.

Thank you to everyone who took the time and went down to the Galleria Mall for the Bone Marrow Drive. It was a first for our family and we were pretty surprised that we only had to swab the inside of our cheeks. The next bone marrow drive will be on September 11th at the same place, so if you couldn't make it this time, mark it on your calendars for next time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

It's Taralee again...

It's me, and I wanted to let everyone know that the second auction is going at this time. There are new donations this week so make sure and check it out!

As soon as I get all of the payments in from the first auction I will be posting the total amount raised. We have straight donations from the paypal and also the payments made from the auction. We are very excited about the results and hope that we continue having success.

Thank you to ALL who have participated in any way!!!

Up and Down!

Kolby woke up this morning feeling pretty good. We had a full agenda planned for the day until Kolby started to not feel that well. Basically, she crashed and had a melt down. After having a few good weeks I think her body was just telling her to slow it down and rest for the day. So, that is exactly what she did. She slept most of the morning and early afternoon. She woke up feeling a little better but she still looked a little under the weather. She took it easy but she wanted to get some school supplies at Walmart, so we went. Then we went and celebrated Kylie and Jeff's birthday at Coyotes. Kolby is so funny, she still loves to order off the kids menu...and she still doesn't eat all of her food. At least she ended up having a pretty good day.

Nice "Additive" To The Popcorn!

Today was another great day for Kolby. She slept in. (That will come to an end in about two weeks when she has to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for Seminary. She says the nice thing is that she gets to sleep in another half an hour, because she doesn't have to do her hair anymore....:o) After waking up, Kristi and her came and helped me out once again in my classroom. Later, we met Kylie and had a "girls night out!" We went to go see "Eat, Pray, Love" and would you beleive that right in the middle of the guessed it.....Kolby threw up in the popcorn bag. She was such a trooper though....once she was done, she handed me the bag and just continued watching the movie like nothing happened. I am glad that throwing up doesn't phase her that much anymore. It's just another one of those things Kolby has come to accept. She sure has developed quite a sense of humor through all of this. I am truly grateful for her positive and spunky pers…

Staying Positive!

Today Kolby had another doctor's appointment. Her blood work came back average. She had a few low numbers but nothing to worry about. We talked to Dr. Rashid about Kolby returning to school. We also had to get a letter explaining her diagnosis so we can meet with Kolby's counselor and teachers to set up a 504 plan. This plan will ensure that Kolby will get the accommodations that she will need to have a successful year. Accommodations will be like her wearing hats and beanies to school. Also, this plan will allow Kolby access to the bathroom and nurse whenever she feels nauseous, weak, or sick. It will also prevent her absences because of chemo to be held against her, and things like that. Kolby is ready to return to school and a normal life as much as possible. Her doctor said she could return as long as her numbers are up and as along as there are no complications. Kolby will still need to be careful and take it easy. Even though Kolby looks great, her little body is still f…


Well, we all got home today from camping for a week. It was a lot of fun and Kolby out did herself. She had a great time and she felt wonderful. Thank goodness! She woke up extra tired this morning and her legs were killing her. She didn't take any meds yesterday and she paid the price when she woke up. We packed up and left the cool weather for the hot Las Vegas. Kolby slept the whole way home. She is whooped! She says she wants to take the next couple days and just relax. Back to reality and a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. It was super fun while it lasted. We sure hope and pray that we have many more fun times and vacations with Kolby throughout the years.

Camping With The Family!

Our family has been very blessed and fortunate to have Kolby feeling as well as she has these last few days while we have been camping. She has been able to go on walks, ride her bike, sit around and visit and joke around. Not once has she complained about pain and nausea. It's like we left that nasty cancer home in Vegas. Here is Kolby and her friend Gabby making banana boats (Kristi's recipe). It's a cut open banana with chocolate, (really any kind of treats) with marshmallows, then they wrap it up in foil and place it on hot coals, let it melt, and then eat it. Yummy. We sat out by the fire for hours visiting, laughing, and having a great time. There's nothing like camping under the beautiful stars with the family. Simply Wonderful!!!

Guest Post..the Auction has begun!

Hello, my name is Taralee Truman and the Crampton's have allowed me to do a guest post on their blog. {Thanks guys!}

Me and my friend Kristin Chesnik felt strongly that we wanted to do something to help raise some money to go towards Kolby's medical expenses. We decided to do an on-line auction and we're really excited about it! You might have heard about it, but if not, I am here to tell you that the bidding has begun!! We will do a series of weekly auctions where each auction will start on Wednesday and go until the next Tuesday at midnight. The first auction just started yesterday. We have some WONDERFUL donations and are still accepting more so let me know if you come up with something. My email is

Please check out the auction and consider bidding, donating an item/service, or donating money through the paypal button. The paypal button is a great way to do it if you aren't the "auction type" or you would like to remain anonymous.


Yes... I Got My Drivers Permit!!!

Kolby isn't going to let cancer keep her from getting her driving permit. She passed!!! Honestly, it is so nice she has it because when she is having a rough day, all I have to ask her is if she wants to go for a drive...and it works. It gets her out of the house when she would ordinarily just want to lay around. Congrats Kolby!

Girls Camp

Kolby was unable to attend girls camp this year. So Sarah Nash, a young woman from our yard, made this Cardboard cut out of Kolby to take up to girls camp. Attached to the Kolby's cutout was a bag with paper and pencils in it for the girls to write Kolby a letter. We have heard a few funny stories about some of the leaders and girls walking around the corner and thinking it really was Kolby. Kolby thought this was such a cool idea and it really meant a lot to her. Sarah....thank you so much for thinking of Kolby and including her in girls camp even though she couldn't be there. We can't wait to get the letters. Everyone has been so thoughtful and as her parents we thank you for thinking of Kolby and for all the wonderful things you have done for her in her absence.
Her are some of Kolby's friends and leaders wearing Kolby's t-shirt and including "Kolby" in their picture up at camp Kolab. Kolby sure is lucky to have such wonderful friends....Thank you Sar…

Better Days....Thank Goodness!

Sunday was a better day for Kolby. She still didn't feel well enough to get all ready and go to church, but she wasn't as teary and uncomfortable. Her stomach problems eased up and overall she had a much much better day. She was pretty quiet all day. Overly quiet. Honestly, I think Kolby keeps in a lot of emotions, and then in the evening she tends to crash. The one thing I notice the most is how much her bones hurt. She hasn't wanted to take as much morphine lately because of her tummy problems. Her bones even hurt her when she takes morphine, but without it it is even more painful.

Today, Monday, she woke up in a lot of pain. She finally let me get her her pain meds. Stomach issues seems to be gone, or at least she isn't complaining as much. She is also taking her meds much better these days. Which is such a relief to us because there for a while it was a struggle to get her to take them. It would literally take her over an hour to get them down, and now…

Tough Day!

Today was not a very good day for Kolby. No pictures! I always love taking pictures of Kolby when she is having fun and feeling good. Kolby doesn't like me to take any pictures of her when she is not feeling well. And today is one of those days. All day Kolby has been very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. Her stomach, back, hips, legs, knees, and body aches. Nothing has been able to relieve her pain or make her comfortable. Even the foot massages, back tickling (from her sisters Kristi and Kylie), and the three bubble baths didn't help. During her last bath I sat in the bathroom with her and we talked for a long time. Kolby just cried her eyes out and she asked me over and over again why did this have to happen to her. I told her I didn't know and she just cried and cried and cried. I told her when Kenzie, her little sister, passed away I wondered over and over again why. I also shared with her how I would cry my self to sleep for months and plead with the Lord for comf…

Student Council Retreat

Kolby was able to attend the Student Council Retreat for most of the day today. She had a lot of fun and she was glad she went. Here is the student council meeting together and making plans for the upcoming school year.

Here is Becca and Kolby. If Kolby would have stayed the night, this is the room they would have shared along with some other girls. Kolby had chemo yesterday, and she is on a lot of medication, so she didn't want to spend the night just in case she got sick. We are so glad Kolby got out of the house for a while and spent time with friends.
Right when I got home yesterday from my chemo treatment Cody Johnson came over to talk about Student Council. Cody is the student body president. I am the sophomore class treasurer. The Student Council Retreat is today. I really want to go, and I hope I am well enough. I had chemo yesterday and I am going to try go at least for part of it. School starts pretty soon too. I plan on going back to school as much as I can. We are going to plan my chemo treatments right before the weekend (like on Wednesday), so that by Monday I will be well enough to return to school. Fortunately I am on the 21 day cycle, so basically I will have chemo like once a month so hopefully I will not have to miss too much school. I want to resume my life and not let this cancer get me down. Hope today goes well.....I know it will be fun hanging out with school friends again.

Another Chemo Treatment!

Today Kolby had her blood work done and her numbers were high enough to have chemo. Here is a print out of Kolby's blood work. I asked her nurse to write down what the meanings of the acronyms meant. The numbers they focus on are her white and red blood cell count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelets, and the main number they look at is the NE# which is the ANC - Absolute Neurophil Count. The ANC count is her immune system, and this number determines if Kolby can eat certain foods like salad, if she can go out in public, if she needs a blood transfusion, and if she can have a chemo treatment.
In this picture Kolby is getting ready for her spinal and chemo treatment. This process takes about two to three hours. Today Kolby slept extra long after the treatment and when she woke up she was pretty shaky and needed help up. I felt bad, while she was sleeping she was shivering so I got her another blanket. Also, when the doctor stuck the needle in her back Kolby made a groan and said "…

Hanging Out With Gabby!

Kolby had another good day today. We woke up and went to the hospital to visit Kylie and Bentley. After being away from home for a couple hours Kolby grew tired. So, she came home and rested for a while. Kolby's friend, Gabby, called and invited Kolby over for while to hang out. So Kolby left for the afternoon. I know it is so good for her to get out...but we miss her. The couch (her bed these days), is empty...and it is so weird. Yes, I have come to realize, that I need her more than she needs me. I can't help it...I just love Kolby to death! Kolby has chemo tomorrow, so getting out of the house and hanging with friends is a good thing!

I Am An Aunt Now!

I officially became an aunt on Monday. My sister and her husband Kylie and Jeff Burr had their little boy, Bentley Owen Burr. It was so exciting, and I am glad it is over. It was a long day.

I have been feeling really good these past few days. Glad to be home from LA. Tomorrow is the dreaded chemo day, but hopefully it all goes well.