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Final Chemotherapy Treatment!!!

Dear Cancer,

I am not even sure why I am writing this letter to you at all. Personally, I don’t think you deserve to have a letter written to you especially one that starts out “Dear…” But today is a pretty special day for me, so I thought I would write one anyway. The reason it is a special day for me is that today I received my last chemotherapy treatment to get rid of you once and for all! It has been nearly a whole year since we first met. Some days it seems as if it was only yesterday. I have so many mixed feelings about our “association”. It has been a tragic and horrible year with you. But along the way I did find some shiny moments. For example, all of the amazing people, friendships and help that I received through this awful experience. You wouldn’t believe all of the caring people who have done so much for me personally. I get overwhelmed with emotions just thinking back on all of them and all of the things they did for me. I love all of the moral support and financial help …