Kolby at her favorite place in Disneyland.....the castle!

After a while Kolby's legs got really tired.
She shared the stroller with Bentley. One of
the workers told Kolby she was too big for
the stroller...but Jeff set them straight by telling
them she had cancer. He shut them right up! We tried
to get her an electrical wheelchair but she had to be
18 to ride it. She was too embarrassed to get a
wheelchair. She she walked as much as she could.

The Family in front of Disneyland.
Jeff, Kylie and Bentley Burr (Sister, Bro. in law, & nephew)
Kolby, Kristi (her sister) and the Mom and Dad!
Kolby couldn't believe that her folks had to
use this type of phone when they were a
teenager...instead of cell phones!

Kolby after riding Soaring Over California! Her dad's
favorite ride.

Kolby's future job.....especially the way this economy is going!
Kolby is having a great time at Disneyland despite the rain!


  1. kolby....i have the strangest story for you. My name is taylor and i live in logan, ut and sent you a letter a little while back. Last week i went to disneyland with my family and as i was walking out (the pouring rain was getting on all of our nerves) you and your family were walking in. im 99% sure it was you. i saw you under the tunnel to the left of the mickey flowers at the entrance. You were sitting in the stroller with the baby in your lap which is why i noticed. his big poofy yellow jacket reminded me of the christmas story and the whole "i cant put my arms down" bit. I did not realize it was you or i would have said hello but just now i saw that picture of you two in the stoller and was blown away by the fact that our lives randomly crossed paths like that.

  2. Wow...Taylor, I do not know if you will read this, but that is pretty amazing that you say me and my family. Thank you so much for that letter. You are so sweet and I have it in my scrapbook. You will forever be apart of my recovery with your kindness and generosity. Thank you for taking the time and writing me and for reading my blog and commenting. That is so cool, I really wish we could have met. Keep in touch!


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